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J.R. Carpenter - A Handmade Web

Handmade web is a word used to indicate code written by hand rather than by utilizing assigned programs. It also refers to initiatives produced by individuals rather than firms or enterprises. Handmade web pages flourished in the mid-to-late-1990s, in the brief period after the academic web and before the corporate web. 'Handmade web' can be used to advocate for continued active participation in the creation of web pages and online policies, or to call attention to the physical work involved in web page authoring. I believe the phrase "handmade" refers to how people code websites themselves and how others may observe their experiences and designs. Previously, I built websites with Wix and Adobe Spark, which gave me with all of the necessary tools, templates, and editors. Using such websites was beneficial in creating my portfolio and information websites, but it did not assist me in learning about "Handmade web." I believe that the word "Handmade web" is a fantastic term for describing how one may code with their expertise and learn about the many sorts of codes and how they can be utilized to customize their websites.

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Callum Copley - A Friend is Writing

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Callum Copley's A Friend is Writing was created with the text emerging on-screen as the user scrolls down and highlighting themselves a few seconds after loading the page. In Copley's first topic, they write about Synchronous Exchanges, which Copley demonstrates and how writing on electronic devices is communication and tides to speed and referred to as "events.” I believe that his coding of sentences appearing at different times helps to theorize his case that words on screen are communication. The usage of dots while loading the passage of this section makes me think of when I text someone and how the person may reply when chatting to you, as well as the many ideas I get when I see the dots. I may sometimes begin the response or be hesitant to see what they say. When the individual I replied to sees three dots shaking, I know they're typing. The usage of the three dots when waiting for someone to respond is used to let you know that someone has seen your remark and wants to respond to you in order to start a conversation or ask a question. Sometimes the three dots appear on the screen for an extended amount of time, prompting you to imagine that the person seeing the dots has a lengthy message to write down or that they are stumped after reading your comments, which will show the dots at different intervals. The dots are useful while conversing with others since they inform those who see them that the other person is also communicating with them. I agree with Callum Copley that seeing the three dots may cause anticipation and bring attention to the person who sees them. It signifies that the other person or people have seen them and desire to respond to them. When communicating with others, mute conversation is commonly employed. Usually, conversing with another person or a small group of individuals leads to meaningful discourse. When a conversation becomes larger, it may become less genuine, such as when some participants do not comprehend the issue well or do not take the matter as seriously as others do. It may make people feel nervous in a group setting or lead them to fear that their remarks are not being heard. Addiction may also be induced by being involved in discussions, which may inspire the individual to want to read or view each message in the various places that are available. Copley's example of social serialization of live-streaming illustrates that platforms will follow the others in order to attract more users to their services. I feel that social serialization from multiple platforms can result in one that does it better than the others; they may seek to revolutionize the contents on their platforms to attract more users, and the platforms can focus on that subjects rather than mending the others. Some platforms are better suited for the purpose for which they were designed. Hangouts may be used in the workplace by utilizing systems Platforms, such as Google Hangouts or Slack, are designed to link individuals in professional or casual groups outside their workplaces. I feel that hangouts are ideal for asking questions or providing stuff that may be interesting to others. Hangouts may be used to communicate with a single person or with a group of people; for example, several of my instructors utilize Slack to exchange assignment deadlines and recommended movies to watch. Semiocapital is frequent as I proceed on my path to a living. Since electronics are regularly required to do numerous tasks, it highlights how crucial these technologies are to me. I believe that as technology advances in the next years, we must accept that technology is a regular part of our lives and that we must also distance ourselves from these technologies in order to recognize that we still live in a world where we can do certain things without utilizing those technologies.

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Overall, Callum Copley's A Friend is Writing is an informative website that interacts with the user with writing and code. With the sections appearing one at a time at time intervals, the user may be able to decide whether to view portions one at a time or switch to another section. The reader may notice the creator's motion, which may be utilized to urge them to read their webpages. This website was intriguing to read and provided me with many concerns that I use or hear about in my daily life but seldom think about. These topics were significant to me and others since we use technology all the time and may not think about how it affects us in the short and long term. Many websites' programming is developing as a result of the advancement of technology throughout time.

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Mindy Seu -The Poetry of Tools

The initial web tool developments concentrated on technological limitations, shaping the unprecedented expressiveness and efficiency that would follow. In previous works, artists have worked directly with the form of interfaces at the time. The early advances of web tools focused on technological limits, influencing the unparalleled expressiveness and efficiency that would follow. Artists have previously worked directly with the form of interfaces available at the time. Ritual for Empowerment, 2014, by Philippe Cao, was a fantastic innovation that presented numerous messages that would appear on the screen after the user clicked on an HTML tag. I believe Yasmeen Khaja, Jared Kitade, and Jimmy Don, Align Text, 2017, provided an intriguing perspective on how, while translating from Japanese to English, Google Translate captures the words of photographs taken by the group. It can be regarded as technology attempting to read the text but being confused sometimes. I believe Damon Zucconi's Debt is reliable since I make numerous typos while typing, such as when writing this passage and when texting people. I agree with Rick Prelinger's answer to how people exploit past inventors' concepts and understand how technological developments may play a part in how the ideas might generate new works, which will be explored more in the future. Alison Knowles and James Tenney's 1967 creation, A House of Dust, has been innovated several times, such as Nick Montfort's 2014 website, where he revises the poetry to incorporate material words, a place or scenario, light source, and so on. I found it fascinating how the code develops into many formats where it will always keep the letter, and I also think giving the nod to the cover art is awesome. I believe digitalization as a tool can preserve text and introduce valuable inventions from previous generations that will continue to experience and innovate as technology advances.

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Aura Writing

I want to investigate the limitless possibilities of what I can accomplish in and around these regions, such as their surroundings, noises, people, and activities. A space where I can unwind and not have to worry about anything, as well as get various welcomes and farewells from other places.

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Frank Chimero -The Good Room

The world we live in provides many things to do and places to see, yet individuals may not love the planet as much as they should and would rather spend their time using technology. Technology is ubiquitous in our everyday lives and may be found in a variety of settings. I believe that technology has both benefits and drawbacks for people's well-being and how they see the world around them. When we grow obsessed with technology, we may become too reliant on it, leaving us lonely and yearning to utilize it.The facts presented in the reading, for example, Grindr, WeChat, Instagram, and others, suggest that users who use applications for an extended period of time may regret it and prefer to spend their time on other activities. While applications like Calm, Waze, Spotify, and others that individuals use for a shorter amount of time may have little impact on how one person spends their time. The text emphasizes that as humans, we must take a step back and assess our surroundings on sometimes.

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